Remainder List for 2017 The Last Ride

Here is the last list I will post of remainders for the RSD2017 stuff. If you didn’t make it in last week, we still have a lot left in small quantities and the list is shrinking. If you see anything on here and you aren’t in town, we will ship out at this point. Call the store if you are interested. 773-929-6325 is the number. Hours are Monday – Saturday 11AM-8PM and Sunday Noon – 7PM. And as you can see I have been in a Todd mood lately and that is one of the things we still have.

Record Store Day comes once a year and can’t last forever but a dream can…ask Todd!

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The Remainder List #RSD2017 is up…and a big THANK YOU!!

THANK YOU for making yesterday wonderful. If you couldn’t make it in or if you forgot a few things here is the remainder list which is quickly getting gobbled up today. 

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Last Box is often the BIG surprise! Wowza! Third Man Records special #RSD releases!

Been giving it a lot of thought and here is how we will do this. We will take offers on the trio as they shouldn’t be split up. They belong together. Send your bid starting at 9PM tomorrow to The highest bid will get the trio. Bidding stops at midnight on Monday 4/24. The highest bid takes it and will be contacted on Tuesday by 5PM! If that person fails to come through it will go to the next highest bidder! Any bids sent before 9PM tomorrow will be ignored! HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY EVE!!! Surprises just keep happening!


The Last Box with Third Man Records Special releases…Bob Seger 7″ Jack White 7″ and Blue Series Book!!

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The List is Live for you to peruse! See you tommorrow!

Sorry!  two things slipped by We do NOT have STING or MADRIGAL! Everything else is correct

Here is the list. We did pretty well so that you can do pretty well tomorrow. See your pretty faces at 9!

-Dave Crain


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Re-Vinylize yourself by doing #RSD once more… #TBT

This documentary was shot over Record Store Day 2010 and finally came out in 2012. Lots of great Chicago record folk in this. Some are gone. Some are still fighting and scrapping. We are among those…”Scrapper” Dave might be a pretty good blues name. Enjoy this documentary… See you on Saturday!

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We will be shining on Saturday 4/22 for RSD2017

One of our 2 RSD 2017 posters thanks to Nathan Tolzmann. See you when we break open the door for a scary good 10th Anniversary Record Store Day

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Stonebelly playing on RSD2017





Here’s the nifty poster they created! Stay tuned for any updates. It’s all happening and we got a long way to get to Saturday April 22!

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