Just a quick reality check on the RESURGENCE of vinyl stories…AGAIN!

I am probably the happiest man alive that vinyl is growing at such a rapid pace. Vinyl Sales UP 17.7% WOO-HOO!!! As a vinyl only store we are incredibly ecstatic. After 10 years of owning this store and 28 years of working in it, this is the main reason that we are still here…and thriving! People are NOTICING…of all ages. The format they thought was on its last legs is kicking ass still. It’s the little black circle that could…Note to self, idea for a children’s BOOK + RECORD(copyright Dave Crain 1/10/2013).

But vinyl has been down so long that the 4.6 million units sold last year looks like WAY up to me. The harsh reality is that that is less than 2.3% of all physical music sales. The dying CD was 13% DOWN in sales but that was still a total of 193,000,000. Yes, that is correct. The DYING CD sold 193 Million while the RESURGENT LP sold 4.6 Million. ALL music sales which includes downloads was 316,000,000 units. So vinyl sales were 1.4% of  TOTAL music industry sales. Sobering when you dive down into the numbers a little. This shows though that a niche market(VINYL) when attended to and given a little push can be vibrant and growing.

That is the good news.

As long as the music industry cooperates and keeps MAKING vinyl, we will be around for a long time. A cautionary note is that the music industry has been know to be shortsighted and might say that it is such a small portion of the industry that no one will care if we shut down vinyl production. That would never happen…right. For the last 20 years I have been answering the question, “Do they still make vinyl?”. I will probably never stop being asked that question because it is a niche market and not everyone is aware.

However, the difference between the 300,000 sold in 1993 and the 4,600,000 sold last year is a huge 1433% greater but the difference between 300,000 and  zero is not that great that the industry in it’s infinite wisdom couldn’t have shut the whole thing down. Lots of people in 1992 thought that was the case but through perserverance that was NOT the case. All of us vinyl lovers running indie record stores will do whatever it takes to keep that black vinyl disc spinning whether 7″, 10″ , 12″ or even the novelty sizes (5″, 8″,etc.) as long as its on the vinyl we love.

These are the links where I got the figures. Check them out. Interesting stuff.



P.S. Here are a couple of other observations about the numbers. The Top Ten Selling Vinyl Albums were way better than the Top Selling Physical Albums(CD’s + Vinyl so CD’s are the dominant factor). I’ll take Jack White/Mumford & Sons/The Black Keys/Bon Iver/Beach House/The Beatles/and Adele(the only one that made both lists) over Taylor Swift/One Direction/Justin Bieber/Carrie Underwood/Luke Bryan/Jason Aldean and for gosh sakes Rod Stewart’s Christmas album made the Top 10…Yikes!

The soundscan era may have given us figures that are more accurate but how did Creed “Human Clay” make #8 on the Top Ten Best Selling Albums since 1993.

I am so glad I am an INDIE STORE!









About davesrecords

The sign on the door says it all- NO CD’s!! Never had ‘em!! Never Will!! Dave’s is totally devoted to vinyl. We carry all speeds (33,45,even 78) all formats (7”, 10”, 12” single, EP , LP) all styles (rock, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, house, disco, reggae, blues, folk, country, vocal, soundtracks, showtunes, classical, indie/alternative and every sub-genre you can imagine). If it’s on vinyl, it’s here now or it’s passed through our doors and in to someone’s crate. On any given day, there are at least 40,000 titles to choose from. Every day new titles freshen the racks. We sell both new and used. You’ll find both import and domestic new vinyl. You’ll find a wide assortment of new reissued vinyl. You’ll find out of print used vinyl that you’d thought was long gone. No matter what it is, you’re likely to find it in our bins. If you come to Chicago, check us out. If you can’t, e-mail us and we’ll try to hook you up. Not everyone has a great vinyl store within reach.
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