Vinyl MIA’s for 2012…couldn’t think of too many so that’s different than last year.

There were very few things I could think of this year that were missing in action on vinyl. Please feel free to list anything you were looking for but didn’t come out on vinyl as a comment. Most things that came to mind were things that will still come out but have been delayed for a long time. Led Zeppelin- “Celebration Day” is a good example of this. I have had posters to give out with the purchase of the LP since November. It is supposed to be out January 29. Not here yet so it could be later. 2013 was a much better year for the vinyl coming out close to the CD release date. I say if it makes it to the shelves within 3 weeks of the CD release that is acceptable. Past that point the true fans of an artist get itchy because they don’t want to miss out on having the latest release but they don’t want to pay for a download when they will likely get one with the LP.  I’d also like to address releases that have a DVD like Celebration Day. Why can’t the DVD come with the LP if it comes with the CD? Celebration Day LP, from what I understand, will NOT come with the DVD. The Neil Young “Greendale” LP was also guilty of this. I’m sure you can think of others. It adds almost no cost to throw it in with the LP as well. Vinyl fans should not be denied the Live Concert DVD just by virtue of loving records over CD’s. Throw us a bone this year Record Companies and toss the concert DVD in in a plain slip. You don’t even need to throw cover art on it. Let’s hope minor complaints like this will be fewer in 2013 as VINYL continues to rise like a PHOENIX!


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The sign on the door says it all- NO CD’s!! Never had ‘em!! Never Will!! Dave’s is totally devoted to vinyl. We carry all speeds (33,45,even 78) all formats (7”, 10”, 12” single, EP , LP) all styles (rock, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, house, disco, reggae, blues, folk, country, vocal, soundtracks, showtunes, classical, indie/alternative and every sub-genre you can imagine). If it’s on vinyl, it’s here now or it’s passed through our doors and in to someone’s crate. On any given day, there are at least 40,000 titles to choose from. Every day new titles freshen the racks. We sell both new and used. You’ll find both import and domestic new vinyl. You’ll find a wide assortment of new reissued vinyl. You’ll find out of print used vinyl that you’d thought was long gone. No matter what it is, you’re likely to find it in our bins. If you come to Chicago, check us out. If you can’t, e-mail us and we’ll try to hook you up. Not everyone has a great vinyl store within reach.
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2 Responses to Vinyl MIA’s for 2012…couldn’t think of too many so that’s different than last year.

  1. CWP says:

    This is a minor example of delayed/unseen vinyl releases, but Illinois group Santah released their second record, the You’re Still a Lover EP, on CD at shows as early as August; the vinyl was scheduled for October, then December, then January. Pre-orders have allegedly shipped…but those who prefer it on vinyl have had to wait at least five months since the digital release.

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