New Stuff and More new stuff

I’m just gonna dive in…sploosh! New stuff below-

Adele – 21
Gregg Allman – Low Country Blues
Bad Brains – Paid to Cum 7″(RSD we got a few more!)
Black Angels – Phosgene Dram 10″(Yes another RSD return)
Big Boi – Sir Luscious Left…
Broken Bells – S/T
Jeff Buckley – Grace
Cars – Sad Song 7″(RSD release that was late but we have it now)
Drive By-Truckers – Go Go Boots
Bob Dylan – In Concert Brandeis U. 1963
Florence and the Machine – Lungs
Green Day – Awesome As Fuck
Elton John and Leon Russell – The Union
Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
M83 – Before the Dawn Heals Us
M83 – Saturdays=Youth
Meatpuppets – Lollipop
Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday
Janelle Monae – The Arachnoid
New York Dolls – Dancing Backward in High Heels
Off – Live At Generation Records 7″(RSD return as well)
Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Oz
Ozzy Osbourne – Diary of A Madman
Pearl Jam – Vs.
Pearl Jam – Vitalogy
Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Portishead – S/T
Radiohead – Amnesiac
Radiohead – Kid A
Radiohead – Hail to the Thief
Radiohead – In Rainbows
Red Krayola – Hurricane 7″(RSD return as well)
Sleigh Bellls – Treats (Black Vinyl not a Picture Disc)
Spiritualized – Songs in A + E
Sublime – S/T
Superchunk – Here’s Where the Strings Come In
Superchunk – No Pocky For Kitty
Tool _ Opiate
Vivian Girls – Share The Joy
Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers
Bearsuit – Phantom Forest
Wagon Christ – Toomorrow
Phantogram – Eyelid Movies
Seefeel – Seefeel
Billy Childish – Archive from 1959 Childish Story(3LP)
Betty and the Werewolves – Tea Time Favourites
Kort – Please Don’t Touch 7″
Prefuse 73 – The Only She Chapter
Poly Syrene – Generation Indigo(sad that she is gone…)
Matthewdavid – Outmind
Big Pauper – Beyond My Means
The Globes – Future Self
Thousands – The Sound of Everything
Chatham County Line – IV
Thao and Mirah – Thao and Mirah
Soft Boys – A Can of Bees
Soft Boys – Underwater Moonlight
Nick Lowe – Jesus of Cool(color vinyl version)
Tindersticks – Claire Dennis Film Scores 1996-2009(6 LP set)
Tom Waits – Orphans Box Set (7 LP set)
Velvet Underground – The Quine Tapes (6 LP Set)
The Donkeys – Born with Stripes
Shinji Masuko – Woven Music
Fresh and Onlys – Secret Walls EP
Pat Jordache – Future Songs
Explosions in the Sky – take care,take care,take care
Explosions in the Sky – All of a Sudden…
Explosions in the Sky – The Earth is not…
Explosions in the Sky – Those who tell…
Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
Bon Iver – Blood Bank
The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt
Religious Knives – Smokescreen(on Sacred Bones)
Jens Lekman – When I said I Wanted …
Jens Lekman – Night Falls Over Kortedala
Sufjan Stevens – Illinoise
Sufjan Stevens – The BQE
Yeasayer – All Hour Cymbals
Yeasayer – Odd Blood
Gayngs – Relayted
Black Mountain – In the Future
Volcano Choir – Unmap
Mono – Hymn to the Immortal Wind
We Were Promised Jetpacks – These Four Walls
An Horse – Walls
Kanye West – 808’s and Heartbreak
Rolling Stones – Aftermath(UK)
Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties
Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed
Easy Star All Stars – First Light
Easy Star All Stars – Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band
Rihanna – Girl Like Me
Alicia Keys -As I Am
Wipers – Is This Real?
Wipers _ Youth of America
Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Chronicle 20 Greatest Hits
John Mayer Trio – Try!
Matthew Sweet – Sunshine LIes
Doobie Brothers – Captain and Me (180 gram)
Doobie Brothers – Minute By Minute (180 gram)
Jeff Beck – Wired(180 gram)
Jeff Beck – Emotion and Commotion
Jackson Browne – Time the Conquereor
Wilco – Summerteeth
Wilco – Yankee Foxtrot Hotel
Wilco – Being There
Wilco – Wilco(the album)
Mavis Staples – You Are Not Alone
Reggie Watts – Simplified
Doris Norton -NortonComputerForPeace
Doris Norton – Personal Computer
Justice – The Cross
Paul McCartney – Balearic Rarities

and that will be all as I have to close up. Look tomorrow for another big release that may make it in but I’m going to have to be SLY about what it is so I don’t jinx it.


About davesrecords

The sign on the door says it all- NO CD’s!! Never had ‘em!! Never Will!! Dave’s is totally devoted to vinyl. We carry all speeds (33,45,even 78) all formats (7”, 10”, 12” single, EP , LP) all styles (rock, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, house, disco, reggae, blues, folk, country, vocal, soundtracks, showtunes, classical, indie/alternative and every sub-genre you can imagine). If it’s on vinyl, it’s here now or it’s passed through our doors and in to someone’s crate. On any given day, there are at least 40,000 titles to choose from. Every day new titles freshen the racks. We sell both new and used. You’ll find both import and domestic new vinyl. You’ll find a wide assortment of new reissued vinyl. You’ll find out of print used vinyl that you’d thought was long gone. No matter what it is, you’re likely to find it in our bins. If you come to Chicago, check us out. If you can’t, e-mail us and we’ll try to hook you up. Not everyone has a great vinyl store within reach.
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